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retro video game polls

Retro Game Polls

Vote for your top games on consoles,computers and in the arcades from the late 70s to the millennium.

Game Polls
my arcade game cabinets


Pictures and information about my arcade cabinets.

Cab Pics
archive of my game score record keeping


Scans of my record keeping of arcade game scores when I was young,some of these are quite old (1984+).

arcade game known locations


Visual record of locations in Birmingham and the Black Country that had arcade games.



2nd May 2017--Retro Game Polls-(VFD-tabletop games)
In the vacuum fluorescent display game poll Q*Bert by Parker Bothers is a new entry. ...
Q*Bert NE/4th --Here

29th Apr 2016--*MSG* -  I have just added a few more podcasts to the "Top Retro Podcasts area" Back In My Play, Cartridge Command and the Retro Gaming Discussion --Here


20th Apr 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Commodore 64)
In the C64 game poll Impossible Mission joins Boulder Dash and Ghouls`n Ghosts in 2nd position. ...
(Commodore 64)
Impossible Mission ^2nd --Here

14th Apr 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Sinclair ZX-Spectrum)
In the Speccy game poll Atic Atac ,Jetpac and Manic Miner gain ground on the top spot with Sabre Wulf, Deathcahse and Everyone's a Wally also climbing the table. ...
(ZX Spectrum)
AticAtac <>2nd
Manic Miner <>3rd
Jetpac <>3rd
Sabre Wulf ^7th
Deathchase 3D ^17th
Everyone's a Wally ^36th --Here

28th Mar 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Colecovision)
In the Colecovision game poll H.E.R.O climbs up to 13th position with both the homebrew games Galaga and Light Grind Racing new entries...
H.E.R.O ^13th
Galaga NE/25th
Light Grind Racing NE/26th --Here

21st Mar 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Various)
After a final Facebook campaign there has been a lot of voting across twenty nine retro systems!, the climbers,non-movers and new entries for each are -
(ATARI ST) ^ 8, <> 2, NE 3
(MSX) ^ 7, <> 2, NE 14
(Panasonic 3DO) ^ 1, <> 1
(ODYSSEY 2) ^ 1
(MEGADRIVE) ^ 3, <> 3
(ARCADE) ^ 11, NE 2
(NEOGEO) ^ 1
(SHARP X68000) <> 1
(ATARI VCS) ^ 6, <> 4, NE 3
(SEGA CD) <> 1
(ZX81) ^ 2
(GAMEBOY) <> 1
(SATURN) ^ 2
(AMIGA) ^ 20, <> 4, NE 25
(NINTENDO 64) ^ 7, <> 1, NE 4
(SUPER NINTENDO) ^ 6, <> 3, NE 4
(L.C.D GAMES) ^ 1, NE 1
(COMMODORE 64) ^ 1, <> 2, NE 2
(NES) ^ 2, <> 2, NE 2
(DRAGON 32/64) ^ 2, <> 1, NE 2 --Here

26th Feb 2017-- *MSG* - There has been some heavy voting in the retro game polls, I am sorting through all the titles voted for and will try to update the poll pages as soon as possible. --Here.

20th Jan 2017-- *MSG* - There has been some heavy voting in the game polls with 150 votes across 31 systems,the polls have now been updated. Thank you.. --Here .

8th Jan 2017-- *MSG* - I have just added two more podcasts to the "Top Retro Podcasts area" of the website- Coinbox Pinball Podcast and They Create Worlds. --Here .

30th Dec 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Nintendo 64)
In the N64 game poll nine titles have received votes...
( Nintendo 64 )
Climbers (^) 4
Unmoved (<>) 1
New Entries (NE) 4 --Here

24th Dec 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Texas Ti99)
Parsec is now top of the Ti99 game poll!.
(Texas Ti99)
Parsec ^1st --Here

16th Dec 2016-- *MSG* - Another sort out of the "Top Retro Podcasts area" of the website means I have added three new podcasts that I recommend you listen to and removed links and banners to a few other dead --Here.

8th Dec 2016-- *MSG* - I have just added the Factory Sealed Retro Gaming Podcast to the "Top Retro Podcasts area" of the website --Here.

3rd Dec 2016-- *MSG* - I have just added The Silverball Podcast to the "Top Retro Podcasts area" of the website --Here.

27th Nov 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Sinclair ZX Spectrum)
There has been some heavy voting in the Zx Spectrum poll with eighteen games receiving votes...
( ZX Spectrum )
Climbers (^) 14
Unmoved (<>) 1
New Entries (NE) 3 --Here

25th Nov 2016--Retro Game Polls-(3DO and Pinball)
Gex climbs to third position in the 3DO game poll and in the new Pinball poll Soccer Kings (Zaccaria) is a new entry straight in to the No.2 spot!.
( 3DO )
Gex ^3rd
( Arcade Pinball )
Soccer Kings ^3rd --Here

21st Nov 2016-- *MSG* - The Pinball game poll is now active so you can vote for there favourite arcade pins! --Here .

20th Oct 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Commodore 64)
The C64 version of Manic Miner has received a vote and this launches it above mid table in the Commodore 64 game poll!.
Manic Miner ^23rd --Here

20th Oct 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Vectrex)
There has been seven votes in the Vectrex game poll and it appears that both homebrew titles Protector and Vector Pilot are increasing their lead at the top of the table!.
Protector <>1st
Vector Pilot <>1st
Patriots ^7th
Cosmic Chasm ^12th
Death Chase NE/17th
Rip Off NE/ --Here

1st Oct 2016--Retro Game Polls-(Microsoft MSX)
Majou Densetsu (Knightmare) jumps to the top of the MSX game poll along side its sequel The Maze Of Galious --Here

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