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retro video game polls

Retro Game Polls

Vote for your top games on consoles,computers and in the arcades from the late 70s to the millennium.

Game Polls
my arcade game cabinets


Pictures and information about my arcade cabinets.

Cab Pics
archive of my game score record keeping


Scans of my record keeping of arcade game scores when I was young,some of these are quite old (1984+).

arcade game known locations


Visual record of locations in Birmingham and the Black Country that had arcade games.



19th Mar 2018--*MSG* -  I have added another recommended podcast to the retro game podcasts page- "Coast2Coast Pinball" --Here

5th Mar 2018--Retro Game Polls-(Virtual Boy & Super Nintendo)
In the Virtual Gameboy poll SD Gundam is a new entry and goes straight into the top spot, meanwhile in the SNES game poll Zelda : Link To The Past climbs up in to second position and Super Metroid gets a vote remaining in 6th position but closing up on 5th spot.
SD Gundam : Dimension War  1st/NE
Zelda : Link To The Past  ^2nd
Super Metroid <>6th --Here

26th Feb 2018--*MSG* -  I have added another seven recommended podcasts to the retro game podcasts page- "Amigos-everythingAMIGA" ,"Arcade Perfect Podcast" ,"The Atari Lynx Handycast" ,"Floppy Days-Vintage Computing Podcast" ,"Maximum Power Up" ,The Retro Gamers Podcast and finally "The Same Coin Podcast" --Here

6th Jan 2018--Retro Game Polls-(Arcade/Trs-80 & CoCo/Dragon 32)
In the retro game polls there has been fifteen votes in the arcade game poll, two in the Tandy Computer game poll and a single vote for a game in the Dragon 32 game poll. --Here

4th Jan 2018--*MSG* -  Links for another three recommended podcasts have been added to the retro game podcasts page- "S.N,E,S Podcast", "AMIGArama", "Watch Out For Fireballs!" and I seem to of deleted the link to "retronauts" somehow or other so I have corrected this. --Here


4th Dec 2017--*MSG* -  I have just added a couple more podcasts to the retro game podcasts page- "Turbotastic" which is a new cast for you Turbogfx and Pc engine fans and also "Arcade Attack podcast". --Here


2nd Dec 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Super Nintendo)
There has been eight votes for games in the SNES poll . --Here

27th Nov 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Zx Spectrum/Commodore Vic-20)
In the Speccy game poll Atic Atac climbs to top spot while Turbo Esprit jumps up to 8th position ,in the Vic-20 game poll Jelly Monsters increases its lead at the top by two votes. --Here

18th Oct 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Megadrive/Genesis)
In the Sega Megadrive game poll Sonic The Hedgehog extends its lead at the top of the game poll by seven votes! --Here

11th Oct 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Amiga)
In the Commadore Amiga game poll there has been thirty-two votes for games! --Here

26th Sept 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Arcade)
In the Arcade game poll Thunder Blade by Sega is a new entry!.
Thunder Blade  98th/NE --Here

18th Sept 2017-- *MSG* - I have just added eight retro podcasts I like to the "Top Retro Podcasts area" of the website. --Here .

12th Sept 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Arcade)
In the Arcade game poll there has been votes for three titles.
Side Arms  ^57th
Raiden DX  98th/NE
Firefox  99th/NE --Here

11th Sept 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Atari Lynx)
In the Atari Lynx game poll there has been votes for The Gates of Zendacon,Todd`s Adventures In Slime World and Chips --Here

10th Sept 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Colecovision)
There has been twenty three votes for games in the colecovision game poll --Here

12th Jul 2017--Retro Game Polls-(Various)
After another successful Facebook campaign there has been plenty of voting for favourite games across fourty retro systems!, the number of game votes for each system are -
(SEGA CD)  7
(NINTENDO 64)  12
(PC-DOS)  26
(VIC-20)  4
(SEGA 32X)  6
(NES)   60
(ATARI 2600)  44
(SATURN)  15
ARCADE )  91
(AMIGA)   78
(ATARI 8-bit)  10
(APPLE II)  17
(COMMODORE 64)  83
(L.C.D GAMES)  7
(NEO-GEO)  17
(COLOR CoCo)  1
(SHARP X68000)   1
I am sure you understand this will take a few weeks or more to update all the polls by hand so come back and check ,the polls that are updated will have a yellow border on the system poll select page. :) --Here

22nd Jun 2017-- *MSG* - Due to an ongoing Facebook advertising campaign there is some heavy voting in the retro game polls, I am sorting through all the titles voted for and will try to update the poll pages when the advert ends this coming weekend :) --Here.

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